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Montessori Kindergarten childcare workers are trained in the Montessori philosophy and the method of education applicable to the level they are teaching. Children are provided with an ordered and secure environment where they are free to explore and discover in our prepared environment. Such an environment constructed by Montessori professionals specifically to meet your child’s needs, recognising their natural love of learning and the importance of developing at their own pace.

The childcare workers are trained to follow the child’s educational development and present the appropriate Montessori material and environment according to the academic and developmental needs of the child. Education must not be seen merely as the passing on of facts. Rather it must aid the development of the whole personality with all its beauty and dignity and will involve parents as well as educators, to allow each child to develop their full potential.

Trainee and Assistants are required to familiarize themselves with the Montessori philosophy and attend workshops that support their work in a Montessori school.

All childcare workers are required to do professional development of varying types on an annual basis.